Do you have something important to do? Don't do that. Instead, chose from this list of quality procrastination methods.

  • Head to YouTube and watch a random clip from a movie. Two hours later you should have watched enough clips to have covered the entire movie.
  • Visit an early-2000s website like The Best Page In The Universe and see if it's still being updated. It's not, but now you're stuck reading all the old articles anyways.
  • Need to kill a few minutes? Download OpenTTD (Transport Tycoon clone). Seven hours later you are a bonafide captain of industry, and you make the trains run on time.
  • Play Six degrees of Wikipedia a/k/a Six degrees of Hitler. Best played in a group setting, guaranteed to plummet your office into unproductive chaos.
  • Head on over to Reddit and pit opposing subreddits against each other. This is a great one because you can put it on a simmer and come back to it later.
  • Perhaps you need to do something that is plausibly productive. Go clean up your Outlook Inbox Rules.

If these fall in the too hard basket I can attest that the following are excellent low-effort ways to waste time:


  • Rocket League – Cars that have rockets that play football soccer. Amazing. 
  • OpenTTD – One of the best non-FPS games of the 90s. Create a transport empire. Let's be honest though, it's all about that rail network.


  • – You are dropped somewhere, via Google Street View and the aim is to guess where on the globe you are based on what you can see.
  • – Just try to do nothing for two whole minutes. It's surprisingly difficult.