2020 Sucks, but so do I

Posted 2020-11-18 by kbni [permalink]

Haven't really posted anything in a while. I I haven't really done much of anything productive in a while. Outside of professional pursuits, my already tragically low willpower has taken a hit from the Coronavirus. I recognised that I am very fortunate that I have stable employment where I can telecommute most of the time and I'm doing okay for the most part, so I guess I'm just kind of disappointed in how I am handling the frustrations this year has presented.

I feel more bitter and irritable than I ever have. Some of that can be attributed to attempting to wean myself off of stimulants while I attempt to correct some of my sleep issues, but I need to handle it better regardless. The first step is admitting you have a problem right? So yeah, I guess I have a problem. Props to all of you for putting up with this insufferable bastard.

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