Awesome Apps: Shift & Station

Posted 2019-08-25 by kbni [permalink]

As I split my time between two organisations (three if you count my side-projects) I was getting fed up juggling Chrome profiles and log into whatever I needed. With both of these applications I can have frequently used apps/portals a few keystrokes away, without having to keep track of 800 browser windows. I still use multiple profiles in Chrome, but now if I simply need to check something in my AWS console, it's right there. Or someone else's AWS console? That's right there too.

If you have similar struggles, these applications might be of interest to you!


ApplicationShift App (yes, this link contains an affiliate code)Station

PriceFreemium. USD$99 per year unlocks a host of features.Free for both individuals and teams. Sometime this year however, Station will charge for use across a team.
  • Each application added is a unique browser session, allowing you to login to multiple accounts across the same applications
  • Is free for individual use (for now, anyways)
  • Allows for adding custom applications with custom icons
  • No focus on business apps, so you can for example add Tinder
  • Relatively expensive for what the application is, but for anyone juggling multiple accounts across multiple apps probably good value
  • Doesn't allow for custom applications (although you can add any URL to some apps, such as Jira which kind of lets you have this)
  • Some applications (some Atlassian apps, for example) assume you cloud version without allowing you to specify an entire other URL
  • Seems to crash occasionally (more than Shift)
  • No isolation of sessions prevents using multiple instances of certain apps (notably WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger)


Both applications are great. It seems like I am leaning on Shift a lot more than Station, but if I weren't interested in ponying up the USD$99 for premium Shift, I would most definitely just use Station!

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