Why I have my own Confluence

Posted 2018-08-26 by kbni [permalink]

This website is generated based on content from my personal Confluence instance. After sharing my website with a handful of people, I have been asked me why I have my own personal instance of Atlassian Confluence in the first place.

Well, I have in the past done some freelance development work, and Confluence isĀ an excellent way to share documentation with clients whilst ensuring they can always access the most up-to-date document.

There are plenty of good personal uses for Confluence though:

  • A page for my vehicles (I can never remember things like tyre pressures, or what my service interval is)
  • Shopping lists (shared with my partner)
  • Various todo lists (a checklist for my upcoming move!)
  • A place to store random tidbits (YouTube videos I like, etc.)

Yes, I know about OneNote, but Confluence works for me. So stop telling me about OneNote, Evernote or whatever. (:

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