Crazy couple of months

Posted 2019-10-19 by kbni [permalink]

So, it has been an incredibly insane couple of weeks.

  • I experimented with the idea of polyamory. Read some books. Experimented a little bit. A very interesting philosophy, but perhaps not the best introduction...
  • Walked away from an unhealthy relationship. Decided to no longer torture myself by trying to appease a narcissistic manipulator. I'll re-focus that energy on myself instead.
  • I recently returned to Twitter. Great place to follow technical folk, but not really a platform that promotes productive or civil discourse on social issues.
  • Whilst reading up Calamity Jane I discovered that earlier this year a Deadwood movie was released. I had no idea. Maybe I am out of touch?
  • I resigned from my job at c3group which was not an easy thing to do. My longest job posting yet (4 years)!

Looking forward to enjoying the rest of 2019 and seeing what 2020 has to offer. 

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