2018 September Roadtrip

Posted 2018-09-19 by kbni [permalink] [tagged motorcycling roadtrip1809]

My home situation is pretty interesting right now, I am technically homeless as of the 18th and will be until the 10th of next month. Instead of staying in town, I decided to make the most of this and use some of my annual leave to do a bit of a road trip.

The two most important pins on my route are:

  • Capertee, NSW – The very small town I grew up in, where I lived prior to moving to Coffs Harbour.
  • Brisbane, QLD – Probably the best Australian city, which I moved to in 2013 to start my career in IT.

Looking forward to the following:

  • Seeing what the old home town is like these days
  • Catching up with friends from Brisbane (also, Riverfire!)

For now, I'll leave you with the following photo, taken at Girvan, NSW:

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